UIF Update including Reduced Work Time (RWT)

2024-06-07 10:00 - 12:00


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The dynamic nature of the global supply chain, including Just It Time models, means that when even one component in a process is delayed or in short supply, production schedules are impacted, resulting in short time. In South Africa, delays in ports, electricity or water issues, and other infrastructural elements also negatively impact on working time leading some to implement reduced working hours for their employees. The UIF’s Reduced Work Time (RWT) benefit is presumed to provide financial support during these times, however its eligibility criteria mean that oftentimes, even as employees lose significant portions of their income, they do not qualify. Confusion abounds, especially after the support provided during C19, and sadly the frustrations caused by UIF delays and inconsistent communication can result in industrial relations tensions. 

Natalie Singer, Organised Business’ lead on the NEDLAC UI Sub-Committee, will share more on the RWT benefits and how these work, to provide guidance to employers who seek to understand whether this option will provide financial assistance to their employees who face reduced working hours in the coming months. Further, she will share an update on the UIF modernisation plans, and where things stand regards C19 TERS and associated audits, and other challenges within the UIF administration. 


Natalie Singer

Natalie Singer is an experienced project manager with a track record of successfully managing large-scale job profiling, grading, and equal pay analysis projects for major companies across South Africa. She has expertise in conducting equal pay diagnostics and assessments, job profiling, grading, and implementing learnership programs. Notable clients include Vergenoeg, WSSA, Sun International, Rhodes Food Group, and Bell Equipment. Natalie has managed multi-million rand projects involving hundreds of learners across multiple sites nationwide. Her skills span content development, course layout, funding securement, program scheduling, learner evaluation, bursary administration, lecturing, program management, stakeholder liaison, and overseeing results and awards ceremonies. Natalie's comprehensive experience in human resources projects, combined with her project management capabilities, makes her a valuable asset for organizations seeking to optimize their workforce and comply with equal pay regulations.

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