Disciplinary enquiry, initiator and chairperson training

2024-07-24 09:00 - 12:00


About Course:

The root of most ill-discipline in organisations is because line managers avoid taking action! Either because they're uncertain or because no one else is doing it. And when people "get away with things ill-discipline becomes the norm. Time to get your house in order so everyone can focus on getting the job done.

Course Outline:

  • Dismissal provisions under the LRA
  • Distinguishing between dismissal for misconduct, incapacity and
  • operational requirements
  • Conducting an investigation into misconduct
  • Procedural fairness
  • Substantive fairness
  • Types of evidence
  • Burden of proof
  • Balance of probabilities Rules of natural justice
  • Chairing and initiating checklist
  • Roles of the parties
  • Documentary requirements
  • Dealing with specific matters AWOL theft, unauthorised possession etc.
  • Exercises and case studies


Justine Lambrechts
Attorney for Kirchmanns Inc. and Consultant for Global Business Solutions

Justine is an admitted Attorney of the High Court of South Africa specialising in labour law. Justine has gained valuable knowledge and experience in employment law by representing and servicing clients both as a Consultant and an Attorney. 

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