Polygraphs –Dispelling the myths

2024-08-13 09:00 - 12:00


Join Grant Wilkinson and Ben Lombaard as they unpack the legal position and practical experience and learning around this much debated topics


  • What is a polygraph test? 
  • Legal position in the labour law context 
  • Compellability
  • Informed consent 
  • Common scenarios for polygraph use in the workplace 
  • Probative value 
  • The CCMA's perspective on polygraph testing 
  • Case law 
  • History of the Polygraph 
  • How It Works 
  • Accuracy 
  • Types of Testing 
  • Who Can Benefit Polygraph Testing? • Advantages & Limitations 
  • Difference between Polygraph Testing and Computerized Voice Stress Analysis


Grant Wilkinson
Director of Kirchmanns Inc. and Senior Consultant at Global Business Solutions.

Grant is an admitted attorney with a wide-range of experience in both consulting and training. Grant’s focus areas are: Labour Law, industrial relations, legislative development, commercial law, consumer protection, corporate governance and human resources.

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