Managing Absenteeism & Sick Leave Abuse

2024-12-05 09:00 - 12:00


Managing absenteeism and leave abuse becomes increasingly important as the Labour Laws Amendment Act comes into effect with extended parental, adoption and commissioning parental leave. The reality is that workforce planning and production as well as labour relations processes to deal with these instances become more critical than ever. Managing absenteeism requires an integrated strategy and leave abuse must be stamped out unconditionally. Join us to get the inside track on this.


Traditional forms of leave annual, sick and family responsibility leave - have been significantly increased since the introduction of C19, parental, adoption and commissioning surrogacy leave. Add to this the sick leave provisions under COVID-19. We will take you through a detailed journey that addresses how to ensure that the correct legal and business approach is taken in managing these situations. Specific areas we will cover include those set out below.

  • Types of leave 
  • The annual cost of leave to the employer 
  • Which of these forms of leave lend themselves to abuse?
  • Identifying leave abuse patterns
  • Which medical certificates to accept
  • Evidence that the employee is required to present across the different forms of leave
  • A process flow to address abuse 
  • Tracking all forms of leave Case studies


Grant Wilkinson
Director of Kirchmanns Inc. and Senior Consultant at Global Business Solutions.

Grant is an admitted attorney with a wide-range of experience in both consulting and training. Grant’s focus areas are: Labour Law, industrial relations, legislative development, commercial law, consumer protection, corporate governance and human resources.

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